I Wrote This: ‘Spectre’ review


My James Bond,” – because I seem to have developed a personal stake in the Daniel Craig films – “would never make caddy references to predecessors and grin at that camera while doing it,” I declared. Spectre, the James Bond film that debuted a week ago today, better balances Craig’s darker take on the British super spy with references to previous films and classic ropes. Plus there’s romance, so much romance.

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I Wrote This: Microsoft Band 2 Review

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Wearable makers think that users either want a way to avoid having to pull their phone out of their pocket for each task or a barebones wearable sensor that they have to look at another screen to fully use. The Microsoft Band 2 is Microsoft’s attempt to find some comfortable space in the middle.

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Asked & Answered: What tech do you use?

surface pro 3

Asked & Answered is full of questions that people ask me through  online that wouldn’t be appropriate answering anywhere else. Send me your questions on Twitter.

The funny thing about giving people answers is they ask more questions. Some days back I answered some mail about what sites I visit on the daily. Your responses were awesome and appreciated. I figure, it’s time to answer another.

What’s tech do you use?

When I was a young geek (Yes, 16 year old Travis. I’m finally willing to own that.) I wanted every piece of gadgetry I could get my hands on. My first desktop PC, the one I would write my first Harry Potter website on, was a Gateway all-in-run running Windows 98. I had AOL and a hunger for code. A ThinkPad R40 and Dell Inspiron 2600 followed it.  Before I could afford my own upgrades mom rented me an HP Pavilion from one of those Rent-A-Center places just so I could stay inside and keep playing games and learning about the internet. That was before she realized she’d also crippled my social skills for life and likely wouldn’t be getting grand children. When I got my first job I’d replace a PC once every year or year and a half. There were times when I even had two PCs.

Today, I hate technology. I loved those days when everything was new and exciting, but to 26 year old Travis PCs, phones and media players are just tools. I’ve found a center where technology takes a backseat to life, I think. My choice in computers reflects that. I don’t own a tablet and I’ve been thinking about selling my XPS 13 for years. My only PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s my ereader, my desktop, my notebook, my everything away from home. I have a nice Lumia 930 smartphone and two Xbox One consoles too, but the Pro 3 is my prized possession.

Maybe one of these days I’ll do an office tour like my man Scott Hanselman does.  I reviewed the Surface Pro 3 for enConnected a month after I purchased it.

Asked & Answered: What sites do you read?


Asked & Answered is full of questions that people ask me through  online that wouldn’t be appropriate answering anywhere else. Send me your questions on Twitter.

What sites do you read every day?

Honestly, you’d think may I’d read a lot of Microsoft news. Sometimes that’s true — particularly if the company has a major announcement in the works. Often times, that isn’t true at all.

I’ve endorsed it hear before, but Longform.org is my go to place for detailed content. I’m also a big fan of The New Yorker and The New Republic. Reading everyday reporting is cool, but sometimes you want someone to dig deep and fully explore their ideas. I like to read intellectual things, but that’s not me exclusively. There are days when you need celebrity gossiping random garbage to put your mind at ease. I visit Media Takeout for that thanks to a longtime friend of mine who first introduced me to it. For all media, nothing gets better that Awesomely Luvvie.

For gaming, I am a huge fan of Polygon. I still love them, but I also keep an eye on GameInformer, no one does detailed content like they do. It still feels well researched and professional, something I wish I got from other places. Scott Hanselman’s blog is terrific for technology and things beyond it.

I don’t visit that many Microsoft sites. Thurrot I browse frequently, though not a huge fan of Paul, he’s a terrific source for just about anything that comes from the company, like it or not. AllAboutMicrosoft is my bible. It’s just habit at this point. I don’t read any Windows Phone specific news sources because I’m not a huge fan of any of them really. One of the main WP websites is pretty tasteless, the other just isn’t my thing.

And Now For An Endorsement: Longform.org


I enjoy sharing things that I like here. It’s a way to free myself from the confine’s of enConnected’s technology and entertainment focus and just talk about the stuff that I use every day. Over the past year I’ve really fell in love with longform. Think of longform reporting as a news piece with better bones and more to offer. My favorite curator? Longform.org.

These guys offer an absolutely terrific app and podcast too.

I Wrote This: Daredevil review

CHARLIE COX as MATT MURDOCK in the Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil” 
Photo: Barry Wetcher
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If most superhero movies are a firecracker, Daredevil is a sparkler. You’re filled with anticipation from the moment you light it. It shines brightly in your hand the entire time. You have time to appreciate how the light reflects on the pavement below. You notice how the sparks dance in mid-air. When it does go out — as all things must do — you realize what you saw was something you can judge in its entirety. There’s a journey and a destination that you can appreciate.

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‘The Xbox One Handbook’ is my first book


For years I’ve kicked around the idea of experimenting in digital publishing. On a trip to Washington in February I decided that I think too much. Instead, I’m going to just do it. (Yep, I laced up some Nikes and everything.)

My first ever experiment in digital publishing will be The Xbox One Handbook. As the name suggests, it’s meant as a companion guide to Microsoft’s console. When it’s finished it’ll be available on Kindle. To gather feedback I’m writing The Xbox One Handbook in chapters and sections and publishing them over at enConnected. The first part, A Guide to the Kinect 2 Sensor is already up. Let me know what you think.